Map of Aruba Beaches

Map of Aruba Beaches

Jun 22, 2022 | Aruba

Plan your own tour: the best map of Aruba beaches

The map of Aruba beaches is one of the most spectacular in the southern Caribbean. Aruba tourism is prosperous thanks mainly to the fame of its beaches. And the hype is real! These beaches are really beautiful. They are famous for their white sands and deep blue waters. Due to its arid climate, the sea is usually unclouded by runoff, which makes these beaches perfect for activities such as: diving, snorkeling, swimming and sunbathing.Now, we do not want you to settle for the most touristic beaches in Aruba. For this reason, in this article, we will introduce you to some beaches that are not so well known or frequented so that you can visit them thanks to the freedom and comfort that renting a car with Optima offers you. Let’s plan your tour with the best map of Aruba beaches!

Best Aruba beaches

    1. Manchebo Beach:nNear the famous Eagle Beach but not as crowded. It is very peaceful. You can get drinks and food from near resorts.
    2. Arashi Beach:nNear the California Lighthouse. Thanks to its calm waters and clear shore it is great for swimming and snorkeling.
    3. Baby Beach:nGreat for children due to its calm shallow waters. Just a 45 minute drive from Palm Beach in your Optima rented car and you’ll be enjoying this beautiful beach with your family.
    4. Malmok Beach:nThis is one of Aruba’s most popular snorkeling spots. Dive into the island’s incredible underwater biodiversity.
    5. Boca Prins Beach:nLocated in the Arikok National Park, this wild beach is perfect for adventurers. Rent a 4WD vehicle and come enjoy the view of the mighty Aruban sea while having lunch on the shore. It is not allowed to swim at this beach.

Best map of Aruba beaches

Where exactly are these wonderful beaches located? The best thing about these beaches is that they are public and not inside beach resorts. You can check the map of Aruba beaches on the official website of One happy island here. Remember that renting a car will give you the freedom to visit each of these beaches whenever you want and with all your family or friends on board. It really is worth it! Find the best option for you in Optima!

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