Trip to Aruba Cost

Trip to Aruba Cost

Jun 22, 2022 | Aruba

Create a budget for your dream vacation: trip to Aruba cost

Trip to Aruba cost? A trip to Aruba may seem unaffordable but it doesn’t have to be. The Caribbean islands are famous for offering luxurious and expensive tourist plans. However, if you prepare your vacation in advance and stick to your budget, you will be able to enjoy the many wonderful experiences that Aruba has to offer you: beautiful beaches, multicultural cuisine, unforgettable landscapes, fun water activities, lovely roads, and so much more.In this article, we will give you all the tips you need to create a reasonable budget for your dream vacation in Aruba. The goal is to set a budget that fits your means but does not deprive you from enjoyment. Let ‘s dive into it!

What should you consider when creating a budget for your trip to Aruba?

How to create an intelligent budget for your trip? All travel experts recommend creating an itinerary! Thanks to this step, you will not only make the most of your time in the destination, you will also be able to define how much you will spend approximately on your vacation.nnTry to define your itinerary as detailed as possible.  What kind of commodities do you want? How many days will the trip last? What activities will you do? Furthermore, determine how much you are willing to spend on a daily basis and do not exceed that number.nnThere are several basic elements that you must take into account when creating any travel budget:

1. Airplane tickets:

Here you must consider the cost of plane tickets from your place of origin to Aruba ‘s airport. If there are no direct flights, then consider any additional flights you need to take to get to Oranjestad, the capital of the island.

2. Accommodation expenses:

In Aruba you can stay in resort hotels, cheap hotels, hostels, rooms and apartments on Airbnb, and even Couchsurfing.

3. Inland transportation:

Here you should consider any means of transportation you have to take on the island. There is public transportation such as buses and taxis, and there is also a wide range of car rentals options. Of course, we recommend the option of renting a car, especially if your goal is to get to know the entire island or travel between its cities.

4. Food:

In the cost of food you should consider the daily breakfast, lunch and dinner, but also any snack you need to eat during the day.

5. Tourist attractions and entertainment:

Research what you want to visit (museums, concerts, restaurants, beaches, snorkeling, viewpoints) and plan activities in Aruba day by day.

6. Other expenses:

Here include various expenses such as travel insurance, health insurance, passport, visa, souvenirs, shopping, etc.

7. Emergency:

It is very important that you set aside some money in case of an eventuality. Aruba is a very safe island all in all… However, losing your belongings or having an accident are things that could happen. That’s why having an amount in case of emergencies can be your life saver.nnTo create your total budget, add the value of what you are willing to spend on each of these seven items. You will get a fairly accurate estimate of what you will spend on your dream vacation.

Trip to Aruba cost?

The first thing you should know is that the currency in Aruba is the Aruban Florin (AWG). One United States dollar is equal to 1.80 AWG. Therefore, the cost of your trip will depend on the exchange rate of your country’s currency to Aruban florins. Keep that in mind!nnMoreover, the cost of your trip to Aruba will mainly depend on the kind of trip you want and you’re willing to pay for. Luxurious honeymoon? Family vacation? Backpacker’s adventure? In Aruba there are options for both luxury seekers and backpackers. So there’s not a unique cost for a trip to Aruba. However, below we will present some average costs for the main elements that you should consider in your travel budget:

Airplane tickets:

The cost of plane tickets naturally depends on your place of origin, the dates of your trip, and whether you want to travel in high or low season. We recommend you check flights to Aruba at your preferred airline or on websites such as Kayak or Skyscanner.

Accommodation expenses:

The average cost for resort and luxury hotels per night can range from 700 to 1200AWG or higher. Two and three star hotels and hostels start at 150 AWG a night in Oranjestad but get closer to 200 AWG near beach resort areas. On Airbnb, you can find 80 AWG to 200AWG per night rooms and apartments.

Inland transportation:

The most expensive option is of course taxis because they don’t have meters as rates are set by the government. A taxi from the airport can go up to 50-100 AWG.nnThe public bus in Aruba is Arubus. A return ticket costs 8.75 AWG, and an unlimited day pass 17.50 AWG. This option is great if you travel on your own but not so thrifty if you travel with your family or team.nnThere are also car rental options that depend on model and amount of days. You can look up the best car rental option for you on Optima’s website.  In Aruba you won’t need an International Driving Permit to rent a car. However, you must be at least 21 and have had your license for two years.


A seafood restaurant meal in Palm Beach can cost 30 AWG approx, while a combo fast food meal around 17 AWG. Beer can cost around 8-9 AWG, latte or cappuccino around 6 AWG, and bottled water around 2-3 AWG. We recommend cooking your own food if you want to save money. A week’s worth of groceries costs around 130 AWG.

Some tips to make your trip to Aruba cost cheaper

  • Now, here’s some advice to create a reasonable budget for your dream vacation that don’t bankrupt you:
  • Travel off season: summer and winter holiday seasons are the most expensive times to visit. Try visiting Aruba in September, October, April or May.
  • Look for a place to stay with a kitchen so you can prepare most of your meals. Shop at supermarkets.Try local food and avoid fancy restaurants. Also brung your own food to the beach.
  • Book accommodation and transportation online in advance!
  • And last but not least: rent a car! Taxis or tours can be very expensive… They can go up to 100 AWG per person! You will save a lot of money if you rent a car. In addition, you will have the comfort and freedom to go wherever you want throughout the island. You could visit places like Eagle Beach or the California Lighthouse everytime you want. You will not regret it! At Optima we have affordable options for you to enjoy your dream vacation driving along the coast of this marvelous Caribbean island while you take care of your wallet. Aruba also welcomes budget travelers!
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